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The revolutionary technology of drinking water production

QUERYWATER is a patented technology for producing clean drinking water directly from the air using a condensation process. Atmospheric water generator, type: QW5000 produces up to 5000 liters of drinking water per day. It is environmentally friendly because the production of water does not generate plastic waste as well as the purchase of water in plastic containers.

Key features of the QW5000 atmospheric water generator

  • Production of up to 5000 liters of drinking water/day
  • Excellent water quality meeting US EPA and World Health Organization standards
  • Effective 7-stage filtration
  • UV filtration removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • LCD display
  • Enrichment of water with calcium and magnesium minerals
  • Energy-efficient operation – consumption 64 kW (3 phases)
  • Low noise of only 60 dB
  • Operating range: temperature 15-45 °C, humidity 20-100%
  • Unit weight 3900 kg

Efficient filtration system

The technology for the production of clean drinking water uses the characteristics of an absorption cooler, where air humidity condenses on the exchanger. The condensed water is then treated by 7-stage filtration and subsequently mineralized. UV filtration removes up to 99.9% of organic bacteria and viruses, so the water is completely harmless and intended for everyday consumption. The device is designed for companies, plantations, and more demanding applications.

Water beneficial to your body

Thanks to highly efficient filtration, the QW5000 atmospheric water generator produces the cleanest and highest-quality water currently available. Filtered water has a better taste and richer oxygen content to improve the body’s overall metabolism. In addition, it is enriched with optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals. The lower the mineralization, the more water plays the role of replenishing fluids and removing pollutants from the body. It is light, soft in the mouth and you drink it a lot without the feeling of watering and pressure in the stomach.


Easy installation of the unit

Installation of the QW5000 unit is very easy, resp. just plug it in and you can start using it. The LCD display shows the current air temperature and humidity data. It is recommended to change the water filters in the range of 6 to 12 months, depending on the degree of their pollution.

Inexhaustible water tank

It is estimated that there are over 12.4 quadrillion liters of water in the Earth’s atmosphere. After the seas and oceans, it is the second-largest reservoir of water on earth. Due to the natural water cycle, the reserves are constantly replenished by evaporation from the soil, seas, and oceans. It is practically an inexhaustible supply and therefore it is an ideal natural source of recycled water, which is found all around us.


Additional information

Weight 3900 kg
Dimensions 2200 × 5650 × 2130 cm


Technical datasheet QUERYWATER QW5000 EN

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