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Antibacterial air protection, suitable as a detector of RNR viruses and bacteria

The device minimizes the effects of a coronavirus pandemic (SARS COV 2 RNR) on our daily lives, along with restrictions in education, health care, social services, and people in general. The units reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in the air by a large exchange of filtered air through a HEPA H-14 filter.

The tested technology showed the capture of the virus on the air filter, but the virus was not confirmed in the generated water, the device thus perfectly meets the requirements as a biosensor for virus detection and also produces clean drinking water. However, when used in places with the possible occurrence of viruses, it is not recommended to drink water, due to
possible contamination of water containers by touch, etc. However, the device is very easy to disinfect and from the point of view of long-term use can be used both in a crisis pandemic and then in common use as an atmospheric water generator.

We recommend operation in all types of facilities with increased movement of people, especially in entrances and inside waiting rooms, where patients who are not affected by the infection are directly at risk and can more easily become infected in these places. This unit has an airflow of up to 300 m³ / h and can produce up to 20 liters
clean drinking water.

Key features of QW20

  • Production of up to 20 liters of drinking water/day
  • Excellent water quality meeting US EPA and World Health Organization standards
  • Effective 7-stage filtration
  • UV filtration removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Hepa air filter cleans the air in the room
  • Touch LCD display
  • Choice of cold and hot water 6 ° C / 82 ° C
  • Enrichment of water with calcium and magnesium minerals
  • Energy-efficient operation – consumption 0.47 kW (0.97 kW at full load)
  • Low noise of only 45 dB
  • Operating range: temperature 15-45 ° C, humidity 20-100%
  • Unit weight 45 kg

Modification QW20C – Antiviral and antibacterial

The improved units are able to detect and neutralize the COVID-19 virus. The main reason is the implementation of special air filters, germicidal lamps, and other antiviral and antibacterial components. The new QW20C units have the following enhancements:

  • Germicidal UV-C lamp for air disinfection (300m3 / h).
  • The HEPA H14 air filter has> 99,995% particle retention for better cleaning of circulating air.
  • CO2 meter to trigger an alarm when the CO2 ppm values exceed the permitted limit. Limits are values that can endanger human health.
  • The higher the CO2 value, the higher the probability of aerosol infection. Ppm levels:
          • 400 – 799 Low risk of virus spread
          • 800 – 1499 Medium risk of spreading viruses
          • 1500 – 1999 High risk of spreading viruses
          • > 2000 Immediate need to leave the room
            The functional technical coating is a technology with photocatalytic efficiency, which the units are equipped with and has a high bactericidal and virucidal efficiency.

Efficient filtration system

Air filtration is used for sampling and their subsequent testing for the presence of bacterial and viral particles. The unit thus serves as a perfect biosensor to determine procedures for their effective removal and minimization by transmission from the air. Due to the need to test water samples
with the concentration of bacteria and viruses from the surrounding air, the device is used to liquefy air humidity.

The level of air contamination should follow at least the requirements of Decree no. 6/2003 Coll., Where it is mentioned how many KTJ micromycetes and how many bacteria can be in a specific amount of air. For this determination, it is necessary to collect samples with the device and send them for evaluation or evaluate on the spot. Sampling can take place on several levels, both continuously and randomly. Determining the correct placement of biosensors is then essential according to the riskiest places selected for rapid detection of viruses. The degree of sampling frequency is then individual at each location according to the degree of air contamination around the biosensor.

Easy installation of the unit

Installation of the QW20C unit is very easy, resp. just plug it in and you can start using it. The clear LCD display shows current data on air temperature, humidity, water level, water quality, and filter operating time. It is recommended to change the water filters in the range of 6 to 12 months, depending on the degree of their pollution.

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